Diagnostic Testing

Testing can help develop a personalised approach to optimal health.

I only use accredited laboratories which offer comprehensive panels that combine standard and innovative test components to provide a more complete picture of the health of my clients in order to help identify problems, preferably before chronic conditions and disease develop.

The range of profiles cover:

  • Gastrointestinal, eg parasitology, Microbiology Profile, Gut Immunology, IB Status, H pylori
  • Immunology, eg Allergy Profile, Candida Antibody Profile, Coeliac Profile
  • Nutritional, eg Optimal Nutritional Evaluation, Metabolic Analysis Profile, Amino Acid Profile, B12, Vitamin D, Ferritin, Anaemia, Chronic Fatigue Screen, Homocysteine
  • Endocrinology, eg Hormonal health, Total Thyroid Screen, Menopause, Adrenal Stress Profile
  • Urine, eg Complete Hormones, Osteoporosis Risk Assessment, Oestrogen Metabolism
  • Genomics

This is only a partial list of testing available.  I will work with you to determine the most appropriate test to use for your condition, symptoms and budget.

Methods of collecting samples include stool, blood, urine, breath and saliva.  I will provide you with the test and full instructions on usage.  If you need a blood sample please check with your own GP surgery that they will provide the service. If not I can arrange for you to visit a private phlebotomist at an additional cost.

I will fully analyse the results, discuss them with you and present a tailored treatment plan, as appropriate.